I have spent a lot of time observing what actually works when High Performing People get together to exchange business information with the following purpose: Convincing the others!

Because the fact is, that some people are just more capable of making a great first impression. You all know them, the people who knows how to create (the right kind of) attention, seems trustworthy and convince their audience – every time they are making a presentation, introducing themselves, their product and their company, but also when they are not even saying a word.

How are they doing this, and more importantly: Can you train to become better at it?

Luckily – the answer is YES! Here is a 3-step guide:

Identification & Self-awareness

In order to appear more convincing in a professional context, you first need to identify the positive and charismatic elements of your personality, and work with it strategically in terms of both content and performance. More specifically: You need to create a higher self-awareness, before you are able to find those specific tools that will help you strengthen your professional messages.

Build Trust with genuine Passion

Trust is the conduit for convincing people; but trust does not come from your PowerPoint. Before deciding if they like your products, or your company – people decide if they like you! The key is to link your passion with your professional messages, because it automatically makes you more engaged, trustworthy and persuasive. Your nonverbal communication reflects what you are saying, and excited gestures and eyes are transferred immediately to the people you are talking to – who actually only notice that they are participation in a very engaging communication situation.

Training, training, training

Of course, there are many elements that needs to be in place, but once you have created a higher self-awareness, more passionate messages, and have the specific tools, it’s ultimately all about training your words, your voice and your nonverbal communication – again, and again, and again!

And this is exactly why we have started CONWINS BUSINESS RHETORIC, to help you speak and appear more convincing, so that you can win your everyday Business battles. You can read all about our mission here: www.businessrhetoric.com