How difficult is it to deliver extraordinary great service? Really, it’s not that hard – but, in our experience most people are not aware of the small details that actually are making the BIG difference in how they are perceived by others.

Can you become better at Sales & Customer Service by training your Rhetorical skills? Absolutely! Here are 3 simple but effective tips to strengthen your professional messages:

Keep your words simple: Getting people’s attention is not by communicating advanced and in long sentences, but by keeping it simple. Getting people’s trust is actually by using a language that they can understand, and inviting them into the conversation, by listening and asking them all the good and relevant questions.

Train your voice and the nonverbal language: Your body language says more than a thousand words, and did you know that people can actually hear your smile, even on the phone?

Add personality into your service: People trust people, and this is why the relationship with our customers is so important. Before people buy your products or services, they buy you – because you are in fact the added value in the customer experience. The key words here are credibility and authenticity, and in our opinion you need at least a genuine interest in order to make a real connection between yourself and the product.

In other words: These are some of the small, but important things that your customers immediately can’t see or put a finger on. But, these elements will ultimately play a big part in your ability to convince people with great and extraordinary customer service.

This is why we have started CONWINS BUSINESS RHETORIC, to help you speak and appear more convincing. Read all about us and our mission here