When speaking is GOLD

You communicate a lot, every day! But how much can people actually remember?

One figure follows another percentage and the third graph is joined by the fourth statistics. Our numbers, percentages and so on are not wrong – the problem is the way we communicate it. You need personality and passion in order to compliment the professional message.

This Key Note gives you specific Rhetorical Tools for speaking to the brain – logic – and the heart – emotions – in order to convince your audience!



Business Rhetoric

Do you know what you want to say and how to say it?

Rhetoric is the art of speaking convincingly. Business Rhetoric is your ability to speak convincingly with employees, investors and clients. Whether the goal is a yes from the board, support for the new strategy, or more efficient and enjoyable sales meetings, we help you reach that goal – all the way from strategy, to training and specific actions!

Based on your current challenges, we develop a Training Program that helps you communicate in the most powerful way.

A Musical Business Experience

The Team In Tune is an interactive and engaging Workshop, linking two professional areas together. We are translating your current business challenges and goals into music.

Giving you practical tools and intellectual exercises through teambuilding and personal development activities, we are training and directing your attention towards that one valuable skill everyone need to succeed on a professional level: The ability to listen to each other and feel the same pulse! For more about the The Team In Tune concept, go to www.theteamintune.com


Building your Personal Brand

Strategic Networking gives you opportunities, Rhetorical Training gives you the skills you need to pursue and win these opportunities.

An early introduction to specific Rhetorical Tools, will improve both your Communication and Networking skills. This will have an important impact on your future career, and help you build a Professional Identity.

This investment is an advantage for the entire company, as we train talents at all levels, the ambassadors and leaders of tomorrow.

Business Rhetoric

Strategic Networking

Professional Identity